Sometimes the download file has not been added, this will result in the order processing but no download file showing your downloads.  As soon as I am aware of the problem I will add the link and it will automatically appear in your downloads if you have previously completed the order. There is no need to keep trying to order it if the file is not linked it will not appear in your downloads no matter how many times you order it. The free letters start at midnight my time so it will not get fixed until I wake up. The very second I am aware of a problem I will fix it. So place your order once only. check that the problem has been reported in the community, if you want to add something then add it as a comment on the first post, don't start a new post, I only need to be told once. My time is better spent fixing the problem than trying to respond to 6 different posts about the same issue. Also please do not email me about free designs I do ignore these emails but it hard for me to do so. All that is achieved by emailing me about free designs is that I get irritated.