Please go to the daily freebie discussion page and read the previous posts.

If the problem has already been reported there you don’t need to do anything but you can add a comment to the post if you like.

I will replace the file as soon as I can.

Once I have fixed it the incorrect file will be replaced by the correct one in the order you already placed.

You will then be able to download it from the original order

Once I have fixed the file you will not be able to download the incorrect file, but if you have saved it to your computer you will get to keep it.

If you did in fact order the file on the day it was free you will have the correct one in your downloads after I have corrected the file.

Please don’t tell me you ordered it but don’t have it, if you ordered it you will have the correct file in your download after I fix it.

If I am contacted about the daily free design either from the contact form or by replying to the order confirmation email I will not respond.