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The Daily Free Alphabet

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  • Brenda Lea uploaded a new avatar.
  • Brenda Lea uploaded a new avatar.
  • Brenda Lea
    1 hour 48 minutes ago

    Would like to Thank You for the Bow Tie font and the lovely Clown font. Now I just have to wait for my machine to be fixed.
    Have a great week and Happy Stitching!!

  • Rosie0530
    4 hours 44 minutes ago

    Oh yea! For once a clown that isn't scary...THANK YOU!

    13 hours 35 minutes ago

    Hi Alice, Thank you so much for the adorable Bow alpha and I love the new clown alpha!

  • casay1960
    16 hours 12 minutes ago

    This Set Is Great Thank You .... I Missed O Somehow But I Have Everything Else

  • Rosie0530
    22 hours 17 minutes ago

    Thank you for this alpha. It is really cute. Now to figure out something to put it on!

  • Aine
    23 hours 19 minutes ago

    Thank you so much for the delightful Bow Ties!

  • Vera1

    Is it possible to reposting the letter X as a freebie again? I wasn't able to download it.
    Thank you in advance.

    koalab Hi Alice: The X showed a price beside it, when I checked with the W & Y
    5 hours 40 minutes ago
  • printshirt

    I found them

  • printshirt

    I clicked on the X and the Y bow tie when you were having technical problems, I never found them

  • Gwenmj

    Thank You for the lovely Bow Tie Font/alphabet I love it.

  • Sandra

    Thank you Alice for all you do

    dadybrode Thank you so much Alice for all you do, have a good sunday with your family and happy grand mother day.
  • carlota
    2 days ago

    Alice Thank You for posting w, X, Y together. I really appreciate the time you put into the free alphabets!

  • koalab
    2 days ago

    Thank you for reposting the letters W & Y. Will you be reposting the letter X as a freebie again? I wasn't able to download it. Hugs Jerri

  • rambou
    2 days ago

    Thank you Alice for keeping the W & X up for free for all of those that had problems the last couple of days. I had no problems checking out just now. Again thank you.

  • donnasnake254
    2 days ago

    Alice every time I check out I get This message Warning: No Payment options are available. Please contact us for assistance I have to keep trying to check out until it goes thru Thank you

    Alice I am considering a completely different system but I won't know if that will work until I try it.
  • patschy
    2 days ago

    Merci beaucoup

  • Alice
    2 days ago

    This looks cute

  • Alice
    2 days ago

    For now the issue seems to be fixed, but there is definitely something funny going on since I updated the site software, I may need to take more aggressive action in the near future.

    katmug Yes I too wanted to say thank you for putting the W and Y up again for us !
    2 days ago


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